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Post-Pregnancy Supports

Sacroiliac Belt 66fit Elite (L/XL) Sacroiliac Belt 66fit Elite (L/XL) 66fit


Sacroiliac Belt 66fit Elite (L/XL)

€37.99 €28.99

The importance of using the Sacroiliac Belt during and, especially, after pregnancy cannot be overemphasized. During pregnancy, the ligaments, under hormonal influences, become lax and stretch to allow the pelvis to spread for delivery. It is...

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The postpartum (or postnatal) period begins immediately after the birth of a child as the mother's body, including hormone levels and uterus size, returns to a non-pregnant state.  After nine months of stretching and changing to accommodate the growing foetus, your muscles, joints and ligaments need all the support they can get: this is why specific products to assist you throughout this period of recovery and get you back on your feet as soon as possible are a worthwhile investment.

Here at you will find everything from B.D.A. (Before, During and After) Belly Bandit Leggings, the stylish and comfortable maternity leggings, to Belly Bandit Belly WrapsMother Tucker CorsetsC-Section BeltsSacroiliac Belts and beyond. is the perfect place to find the specific item of shapewear to provide support exactly you need it, easy to browse with the world’s top brands all in one place.

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