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Pharmony Gripe Water 150ML


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  • Helps Support Healthy Digestion

  • Now Available in Ireland

  • Gluten & Lactose free

  • Sugar & Alcohol Free. 

  • Colour Free

  • Sugar Free

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Pharmony Gripe Water 150ML

Pharmony Gripe Water 150ml + Measuring device. 

Pharmony™ Gripe Water contains only the finest natural ingredients. With its unique formulation, only Pharmony Gripe Water contains natural Dill and Caraway. Pharmony Gripe Water  is formulated, manufactured & tested to the highest standards here in Ireland. Every carton contains with a 150ml bottle of product & a measuring device to help administer it correctly. 

The history of how carminatives work? 

Natural Dill & Caraway are members of the carminative family of Herbs. These herbs have for centuries been used in preparations such as teas & drinks to help gentally facilitate the expulsion of gastrointestinal gas, thereby combatting flatulence. 

Pharmony Gripe Water is very simple. It contains Caraway & Dill natural oils in a simple to use bottle and syringe to help administer safely in times when it needs to be given quickly but safely. 

Suitable for all the family but especially for babies of + 1 month and above. Pharmony Gripe Water contains no harmful ingredients.

It is pleasant tasting, has shown good reaction from users and is easy to swallow.
Contains the dual action effect of natural Caraway & Dill which help support good digestion. 

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