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Omron Walking Style IV Step Counter Pedometer, 3D Sensor - White



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Track, walk and monitor with the precision accuracy of the Omron Walking Style IV Step Counter Pedometer with 3D Sensor. Highly sensitive it detects and tracks your steps with decisive accuracy as part of your regular daily routine and features options to track particular activities at specific times. Boasting Tri-Axis Technology the Pedometer can detect steps whether tucked away in your bag, purse or pocket or secured to your hip with the enclosed belt strap and clip.

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Omron Walking Style IV Step Counter, 3D Sensor White

Track and walk with precision with the Omron Walking Style IV Step Counter featuring Omron’s highly sensitive 3D Sensor, which tracks and monitors your steps with decisive accuracy. Designed to automatically detect your active, brisk steps as a result of your regular normal walking routine to specific “action” modes that enable you to track and monitor a particular activity or specific time separately from your normal daily walking routine. Boasting Omron’s validated tri-axis technology that retains accuracy of step count and information while stowed away in pockets, bags and purses and of course can be worn securely on your hip with the enclosed belt strap and clip for your comfort.

The Omron Walking Style IV Step Counter 3D Sensor features:

  • - Four Activity Modes: Tracks steps, aerobic steps, distance and calories that keep you motivated to outperform yourself every day.

  • - Tri-Axis Technology: Counts steps with precision both accurately and quietly whether positioned flat, vertically or horizontally.

  • - Automatic Stride Function: Automatically suggests stride length based on your height and weight inputs. Also allows you to calculate your own and input manually.

  • - Weekly Log: Capacity to store up to 7 days of information in memory.

  • - Automatic Reset: The slate gets wiped clean at midnight, so you can easily track your daily steps and distance. Light Weight: Ultra lightweight the Pedometer clocks in at 0.8 oz., and includes a large display and buttons for ease of operation.

  • - Easy To Replace Battery: No tools required to replace/remove battery, simply slide the lock on the back to remove the battery cover.


The Omron Walking Style IV Step Counter 3D Sensor contains:

  • 1 x Omron Walking Style IV Step Counter.

  • 1 x Belt Strap and Clip

  • 1 x CR2032 Battery.

  • 1 x Instruction Manual.

Customer Reviews

everyone should have one Review by Emmylou
This is really tiny, and very light, so I will have no trouble carrying it all day. Hopefully I can start to track my activity; apparently we are supposed to do 10,000 steps a day (as well as 5 fruit and veg) but I've no idea if I'm anywhere near that. Out of the box this was simple to set up, a few button presses to add the time, my height and weight and my stride length (it tells you how to estimate this on the instruction sheet) and off we go. I tested it by walking up and down the hall for a while and yes, it counts steps! Because I'm a geek and love a gadget, after a day carrying it I am definitely trying to do more steps so it's had a good effect already. (Posted on 04/04/2016)

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