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Neen Educator® Pelvic Floor Exercise Indicator


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Neen Educator® Pelvic Floor Exercise Indicator

This easy-to-use device acts as a visual aid by showing you if your muscles are contracting the way they should. Developed from the award-winning Periform® Probe, it helps you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, reducing your stress incontinence symptoms.


  • - The Pelvic Muscle Educator shows you how to do kegel exercises correctly.

  • - Unique form of the Pelvic Floor Educator's vaginal probe allows it to follow the movement of the internal walls of the vagina.

  • - It’s single patient use and easy to clean for ongoing use

  • - You can monitor your progress

  • - It’s so easy to clean   

  • - It strengthens your pelvic floor muscles

  • - It tells you if you’re doing your pelvic floor exercises correctly

  • - It’s simple to use



  • - Insertable Length- 5cm (2 Inches)

  • - Width - 1.9cm (0.75 Inches)

Box Contains:

  • - 1 Pelvic Educator,

  • - 1 x Indicator,

  • - 2 x Indicator extensions,

  • - Storage Pouch


How it works

You’ll attach the indicator wand to the body of the Educator. You’ll then insert the Educator into your vagina (similar to inserting a tampon). Do your Kegel exercises. As you contract your muscles, the indicator wand will follow the internal walls of the vagina, so you’ll know if you’re doing it correctly.


Note: Do not use Educator® if you are pregnant, during your period, if you have a prolapse or vaginal infection.

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