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Midstream Ovulation Tests (Urine) - 5 Pack



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Midstream Ovulation Tests

Our Midstream Ovulation Tests are at a sensitivity of 20mIU and work to an accuracy level of 99%.

An egg can only live for 24 hours or less after it is released, while sperm survives only a few days in your body. Using our Midstream Ovulation Test helps you predict the two most fertile days following a surge in the luteinizing hormone (hLH) which usually comes before ovulation. Having intercourse within these days will maximize your chances of becoming pregnant.

Each ovulation test is individually sealed in a foil pouch. 

When to start testing:

First, determine the average length of your mentrual cycle. The length of menstrual cycle is the number of days from the first day of menstrual bleeding to the day before bleeding begins on the next period. Determine the usual length of the menstrual cycle over the lastfew months. Then refer to the Cycle Chart to determine on which day of the menstrual cycle to begin testing. 

Your Cycle Length

Start To Test On

21 days

Day 6

22 days

Day 6

23 days

Day 7

24 days

Day 7

25 days

Day 8

26 days

Day 9

27 days

Day 10

28 days

Day 11

29 days

Day 12

30 days

Day 13

31 days

Day 14

32 days

Day 15

33 days

Day 16

34 days

Day 17

35 days

Day 18

36 days

Day 19

37 days

Day 20

38 days

Day 21

39 days

Day 22

40 days

Day 23


Positive for L.H. surge

If two colour bands are visible and the test band is of equal or greater colour intensity (darker) than the control band, this is a positive result and a good indication that the L.H. surge is occurring. You should ovulate within the next 24-36 hours. Sexual intercourse on the evening of the first positive test is advised.

Negative for L.H. surge

If two bands are visible but the test band is of a less intense colour (paler) than the control band or cannot be seen, this means the L.H. level is at or near its normal level and that the surge is not in progress. You should continue with daily testing.

Invalid result

If no control band appears within 5 minutes, the result is invalid and should be ignored. A visible control line is needed in all cases to confirm a proper test result.

Ovulation Midstream Test - CE Marked 0123


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Customer Reviews

Great product Review by Jenny Bunny
Ovulation tests worked great for me-very accurate! We were so blessed to conceive the first month trying! (Posted on 06/04/2016)
Worked well Review by Amy
These Midstream Ovulation Tests do exactly what they're supposed too. Easy to use, no fuss and much cheaper than I could buy in a supermarket. Would definitely recommend. Quick delivery and discreet packaging too. (Posted on 21/04/2015)

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