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Inhealth, Ireland stocks an at-home monitor for cholesterol testing and glucose testing called Easy Touch. This cholesterol monitor checks your levels of cholesterol and glucose by using a sample of your blood. This glucose and cholesterol monitor is very easy to use and gives you a result very quickly. It is designed for use both at home and by health care professionals. This cholesterol monitor is CE-marked and gives guaranteed accuracy. The Easy Touch Glucose and Cholesterol monitor is delivered the next day from our warehouse in Dublin.

Eldoncard - Blood Type Test

Eldoncard - Blood Group Test

Babymoov Hygro+ Humidifier blue

Babymoov Hygro+ Humidifier


Easy Touch® Blood Glucose / Cholesterol Monitoring



Easy Touch Cholesterol Strips - 10 Pack

Easy Touch® Cholesterol Strips - 10 Pack



Home Health Testing

Reducing barriers to vital services and health testing is a step forward in empowering oneself with driving the outcomes for their own health care. Recent surveys showed that in the UK alone over £54 million a year is spent on self diagnosis products. While common home testing kits such as pregnancy testing kits and ovulation kits are common place in the average bathroom, the trend towards more specific home screening is on the increase. With over 58% of us owning a home test product the market for self awareness is a growing one. Home tests can enable the detection of many diseases, infections and conditions in the privacy of your own home, these tests are cost-effective, private, confidential and eliminate the need for those who cannot travel or who may not have the financial wherewithall to visit a GP. stock a full range of self testing kits from market leaders Self Check, testing for Cholesterol levels, Diabetes management, Stomach Ulcers, Prostate Health, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea detection to blood type, Gluten Intolerance, to Blood Glucose and Bowel Health.  Remember home testing kits should be used in an overall diagnosis in conjunction with your health care provider, and results are best evaluated in the context of your overall medical history. We recommend always consulting with your health care provider if you are overally concerned about a possible medical condition, or if your test results recommend you do so.


How can a home test help?


  • A home self testing kit can quickly detect possible health concerns even in the absence of symptoms. This allows for early medical intervention and to lower your chances of developing complications later in the disease process (i.e cholesterol and hepatitis testing)


  • Can enable you to detect specific conditions in the absence of symptoms so that you can take immediate action (i.e pregnancy testing).This would encourage early supplementation of the vital pregnancy vitamin Folic Acid.


  • Allows you to detect conditions to allow frequent and necessary changes in treatment (i.e glucose testing which monitors blood sugar levels in diabetes etc).