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Lady Comp® Baby - Get Pregnant Fast and Naturally



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BabyComp Get Pregnant Fast and Naturally

Lady-Comp baby's planning software is designed specifically for women trying to conceive and especially helpful for those couples with reduced fertility. Tracking sexual intercourse data along with personal fertility rhythms insures that couples have the best possibility of conceiving quickly.

For all women trying to conceive

Lady-Comp Baby assists with family planning and reduced fertility. It is not only highly accurate in forecasting your most fertile days, it also registers if you don’t ovulate or if you have an hormonal imbalance (CLI).


  • -When and/or does ovulation occur

  • -Are your hormones in balance?

No more charting, no more graphing, no user errors - the fertility computer does the work for you. 
It's safe, easy, accurate and reliable.


It determines your fertile days based on your morning temperature and will alert you on your most fertile days: on the day you ovulate – and the five days before ovulation. Using statistical methods to detect various causes of infertility Lady-Comp baby can even help to solve individual problems of conception.

GET PREGNANT                

With its integrated cycle and planning-statistics Lady-Comp Baby displays further
useful information necessary to successfully plan a child:
- forecasts your most fertile days
- indicates monophasic cycles (cycles without ovulation) and ovulation fluctuations
- tracks sexual intercourse inputs
- displays number of planning hits and gender probability
- contains an Integrated Pregnancy Test
- provides you with an accurate date of conception and expected delivery date
- can be used for safe natural pregnancy prevention after birth

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Customer Reviews

It's worth the recommendation Review by Maria
I bought Lady Comp Baby 6 months ago when I was looking for a healthy and ethical way of contraception, and I am extremely happy with my purchase. It is easy in use, all you have to do is to take your temperature every day at the same time so it's not troublesome at all, convenient to carry (I travel a lot and it's never been a problem to carry it through the security at airports), it doesn't use a lot of battery (I haven't changed mine yet!) and what is the most important it is very reliable (it is my only way of contraception and it's been spot on!!).It makes you learn about your body and how it works, predicts your periods etc. I haven't investigated its 'baby' options yet, but I am going to in the next year or so, so I'll review on it as well. I am sooo happy I found this product and I would recommend it to everybody. :) (Posted on 27/05/2016)
Thumbs Up! Review by Luke D.
"Lady-Comp baby is great as natural birth control and a family planning method without contraceptives. Wonderful for our marriage - elevating for our relationship, comfortable and effective at the same time. Thumbs up!" (Posted on 06/04/2016)

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