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Lipo Exit Pharma Nord

Lipo Exit Pharma Nord



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Fat Blockers & Carb Blockers

If diet and exercise are not achieving your desired weight loss goals, then discover our selection of fat and carb blockers available on Weight loss supplements usually work in one of three ways: assisting your body in breaking down fat, suppressing your appetite or preventing your body from absorbing specific nutrients after you have eaten. And this is what carb and fat blockers do. Acknowledging the role of refined carbohydrates in being overweight, brands such as Europes No.1 leading weight loss supplement XLS Medical and the best selling XLS Medical Carb Blocker and XLS Medical Fat Blocker deliver up to 3 times more weight loss by inhibiting the enzymes needed to break down carbs, including amylase and alpha-glucosidases (JACN). also offers high performing carb and fat blockers such as Pharma Nord, Lipo Exit, Slim Precise and CLA 24/7 


How does XLS Medical Carb Blocker work?

Made from Phaselite a clinically proven active ingredient that reduces the absorption and digestion of carbohydrate’s, ensuring they remain too large to be absorbed by the intenstine and therefore excreted naturally. Gentle on the system, it is well tolerated and does not interfere with the body’s natural workings. Derived from an organic plant source, XLS Medical Carb Blocker is a certified medical device which means it has been tested for both safety and efficacy