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Bone, Joint & Muscle Health

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Spray 100ml

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Spray 100ml



Bone & Joint Health stock only top quality and high performing nutritional supplements to support your bone and joint health now and into the future.  Recent research undertaken by the NDC (National Dairy Council) has shown that 29% of adults are not meeting their recommended calcium intake and missing out on essential nutrients such as calcium, which can result in serious long term health risks such as osteoporisis. Osteoporisis is termed a silent disease and currently affects one in five men over 50 and one in two women over 50 in Ireland. It can also affect children, however it is both preventable and treatable by ensuring your diet is rich in calcium and vitamin D and that you engage in regular weight bearing exercise that strengthens muscles and joints at least two to three times a week. offer a choice selection of Bone & Joint supportive supplements from market leading brands chosen for their potency and effectiveness, including Eskimo 3 with Vitamin E Liquid, D-Pearls Pharma Nord and Omega-3 Pharma Nord to a selection from Quest such as Quest Vitamin B6, Quest Omega 3 and Quest 3+6. Choose from the award winning NHP Osteo Plus to Biocare and Eskimo Brain 3-6-9 Flash.


Did you know?

  • - Research has shown that 37% of girls and 28% of boys between the ages 5-12 do not get the recommended daily amounts of calcium.
  • - In Ireland 74% of adults and 88% of primary school children have less than half of the recommended daily amount of vitamin D.
  • - Higher levels of calcium are required in women who are breastfeeding or are pregnant.
  • - Children and adolescents also require higher levels of calcium as 90% of adult bone mass is created in the teen years.
  • - Physical activity is one of the most effective ways to keep your bones and joints healthy and functioning well.
  • - Exercise will assist you in maintaining bone density, lessening joint pain, keeping extra weight off that may stress your joints and helping you to keep your balance so that you avoid falls that can damage your bone integrity and joints.
  • - The best protection for a joint is having strong muscles around that joint, engaging in strengthening exercises two to three times a week will help to build bone and muscles around joints.
  • - Muscles actually gain strength in the recovery process of exercise.


How much Calcium do you need?

0-12 months = 525 mg per day (non-breast fed infants only)*

1-3 years = 500 mg per day***

4-8 years = 800 mg per day**

9-18 years = 1300 mg per day**

Pregnant/or breastfeeding women 18 years & under = 1300 mg per day**

Women 19-49 years = 1000 mg per day**

Pregnant and breastfeeding women 19 years + = 1000 mg per day**

Women 50+ years = 1200 mg per day**

Men 19-49 years = 1000 mg per day**

Men 50+ years = 1200 mg per day**


*Teenagers & pregnant/breastfeeding mothers may need to increase to 1500mg calcium per day if they have Osteopenia and/or Osteoporosis.