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Traditionally it has been thought that infertility is classified as more of a ‘woman’s problem’(infact the WHO, World Health Organisation - classifies it as a disease), however in about 40% of all infertile couples the man proves to be the contributing cause of the couple’s inability to successfully conceive. From low sperm counts and motility issues, to diet and nutritional deficiencies, a male’s fertility health is as crucial as the woman’s and needs just as much attention. For women, fertility concerns from irregular ovulation to reproductive health issues can prove stressful, making it vital that you keep check of your fertility levels with fertility testing kits. From the more advanced Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitors to Testpoint Male Sperm Count & Motility Test to the Fertilcheck Male & Female Fertility Test. So how do fertility testing kits actually work? And how accurate are the tests available from

How Do Fertility Testing Kits Work?

Fertility tests work by aiming to detect elevated levels of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone), as rising levels of this hormone tends to be associated with a reduced fertility. It is a natural process that as women age, so do your eggs, and as the quality of the eggs decline, higher levels of FSH are released in order to produce eggs capable of fertilisation. For men, many tests will measure the sperm concentration as this is the major factor used by physicians to help determine male infertility. stock such fertility tests but also offer the advanced technology of the Clearblue Fertility Monitor System that tracks and store both fertility and pregnancy information.

How Accurate Are Fertility Tests?

Similar to Ovulation tests the science behind detecting both the levels of FSH and the concentration of the sperm continues to advance. Depending on your choice of fertility testing, stock fertility testing kits that offer up tp 99% accuracy and results within 15 minutes.