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You have no items to compare. stock the UK’s No.1 authority on preconception planning, natural fertility, assisted fertility, pregnancy coaching and post-natal support – Zita West. Offering an educated resource to couples trying to conceive, this selection of books address issues such as maximising your fertility on your journey to conception, CD’s to relax and soothe,designed specifically for those going through the pre and post transfer stages of IVF and the following two week wait, to the Zita West’s guide to Fertility & Assisted Conception, amongst others. Inform, educate and empower yourself and your partner with vital information that will assist you on your journey to parenthood, we also stock a DVD focused on Fertility Yoga that explains the relation between yoga and fertility and how yoga can act as a defence in the fight against chronic stress associated with your reproductive health. So who is Zita West and why is she considered the best in her field?

Who is Zita West?

Leading fertility and pregnancy authority Zita West is a practising midwife, nutritional advisor and acupuncturist based in London. Founding the very first Zita West Clinic in 1992, it has gone on to become London’s most famous holistic fertility clinic which blends cutting edge medical science with complementary natural therapies. The best selling author of nine fertility and pregnancy books, Zita’s high profile clientele have included Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Stella McCartney, Jemma Kidd and Sophie Wessex amongst thousands of other women seeking both mainstream and alternative treatment options for their fertility. Often called upon as a high profile media contributor, Zita West truly is a fertility and pregnancy expert.