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Fertility Monitors & Aids

Lady Comp

Daysy- Fertility Monitor

Daysy is the newest fertility monitor on the market which synchronizes with an iphone App called daysyView. Through digital precision and the knowledge of one million cycles, daysy reaches an effectiveness of 99.3%. Daysy's simple color coding system...

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The technical advancements made in the field of fertility tracking have translated into a wide variety of options for couples trying to conceive. At you will find a wide range of products to track and document male fertility and female fertility windows in a way that is quick, highly efficient and easily understood.

The market-leading Clearblue Fertility Advanced Monitor accurately tracks your levels of two key fertility hormones and detects your fertility window for each cycle, enabling you to determine when your chances are at their highest. We also stock the Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor Refill Tests, which also come with 4 pregnancy tests. Our Digital Basal Thermometer for fertility charting instead allows a woman to track her own body temperature for basal body temperature (BBT) charting purposes. We also stock a wide range of fertility aids, like the Babystart Fertilmate Scrotum Cooling Patches to help lower scrotal temperature and improve sperm quality, as well as specifically designed Fertility Vitamins and Fertility Supplements for both men 
and women.

Give yourself the best chance of conceiving with our wide selection of fertility monitors and aids. Order before 2pm for same day dispatch from our warehouse in Ireland!