Fertility Lubricants

Did you know that, typically, for three quarters of each menstrual cycle the cervical mucus produced is not fluid, presenting difficulties for sperm to successfully reach the egg for fertilisation? Read More

As ovulation is experienced a woman’s body becomes less acidic and produces a slippery, egg-white cervical mucus, which is the body’s natural way of promoting conception. Recent studies suggest that standard lubricants available on the market inhibit sperm movement, may cause DNA damage and even permanently damage the integrity of the sperm.

Here at InHealth.ie, we stock a selection of sperm friendly lubricants from leading brands on the market that’ll instead create both a less acidic and more fluid environment, eliminating vaginal dryness and protecting the integrity of the sperm on its journey to fertilisation. Choose from fertility lubricants BabySart FertilSafe Plus Fertility Friendly Lubricant,which will help you begin ensuring the optimal environment for the integrity and passage of sperm. Or check out  Sasmar Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant. The conceive plus lubricant is an exclusive patented fertility lubricant clinically proven to enhance sperm survival, sperm motility and promote egg fertilization, and is also available as the Sasmar - Conceive Plus 8 pre-filled applicators. It has been designed especially for couples who want to get pregnant naturally. You may like to try the Ferti Lily Conception Gel Sperm-Friendly Lubricant, a sperm-safe conception gel designed to be used in combination with the Ferti Lily Conception Cup.

A sperm friendly lubricant is advised for those who do not experience a change in cervical mucus, those with partners with a low sperm count, and for those couples wanting to increase their chances of conceiving naturally. Check out the rest of our Fertility selection - order yours today before 2pm for Next Working Day Delivery Nationwide from our warehouse in Co. Wicklow!

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    Ferti Lily Conception Gel Sperm-Friendly Lubricant 50ml

    Ferti Lily Conception Gel Sperm-Friendly Lubricant 50ml

    Ferti Lily
    The FERTI·LILY Conception Cup and Conception Gel are designed to be used together to help couples that are trying to conceive. The FERTI·LILY Conception Cup increases the amount of sperm brought to the cervix and increases the chances of...
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