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Blood Pressure & Pulse Measurement with Afib and MAM



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Blood Pressure & Pulse Measurement with Afib and MAM is a reliable medical device for taking measurements on the upper arm. It is simple to use, accurate and comes highly recommended for blood pressure monitoring in your home. This device was developed in collaboration with physicians and clinical tests carried out prove its measurement accuracy to be of a very high standard.* Microlife AFIB detection is the world’s leading digital blood pressure measurement technology for the detection of atrial fibrillation (AFIB) and hypertension

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Microlife Blood Pressure & Pulse Measurement with Afib and MAM


  • - Blood pressure & pulse measurement

  • - Detection of atrial fibrillation (specific heart arrhythmia)

  • - Clinically tested (BHS protocol)

  • - MAM technology (automatic triple measurement)

  • - 99 Data memories per person/ 2 users

  • - XL-Display

  • - Traffic light indicator

  • - Preformed conical cuff cover

  • - Equipped with carrying bag

  • - Low battery indication

  • - Rechargeable battery-friendly

  • - Mains adapter port

  • - Optional: USB PC link and Software

  • - Equipped with world's latest technologies

  • - Medically reliable measurements with AFIB & MAM

  • Cuff Size: 22-42cm.





  • (Atrial Fibrillation) patented technology performs atrial fibrillation screening with the oscillometric method via easy blood pressure measurements. If atrial fibrillation is detected during blood pressure measurements, the Afib indicator is displayed, flashing at the end of the triple measurements


Microlife Average Mode 

  • Superior reliability is achieved by the automatic data analysis of 3 successive measurements in less than 3 minutes.


One Sized Cuff

  • Wide range cuff covers medium and large cuff sizes in one.



  • Gentle+ technology ensures an accurate measurement with comfortable inflation and deflation.


BHS Protocol

  • Microlife Blood Pressure Monitors are successfully validated according to the protocol of the BHS (British Hypertension Society). Microlife's upper automatic arm devices are validated with the highest possible grade of A/A.


Red Dot Award

  • Recognised with one of the world's highest design award, the "red dot" product design. The "Red Dot" award is further testimony to Microlife's pioneering position. 


For the full product manual click here

Download your individual blood pressure passport to print out here.

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