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BabyDan Lambskin Stroller/Car Seat Liner



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BabyDan Lambskin Stroller/Car Seat Liner

This BabyDan Fleece Stroller Lambskin is perfect for your baby all year round. It is a 100% natural lambskin comforter that keeps your baby warm in cold weather and cool in Summer. These lambskins are machine washable and fully sanitized:- wash on cold wash, let it dry naturally and brush pile once dry. They can be used as a play mat, pram liner, crib or cot liner and as a baby comforter 24 hours a day.


The lambskin has superior cushioning & comfort and care and laundering instructions are included with each skin. The Lambskin Liner has been specially shaped and harness holes added to allow a standard harness to be used.

Superior cushioning and comfort.


  • - Designed to fit either a car seat or pushchair/stroller

  • - Made from 100% natural soft lambskin

  • - Warm in Winter and cool in Summer


Lambskin Care:

Pure new wool- This lambskin has been medically tanned, i.e. it is completely free from toxic chrome tanning agents. The Lambskin contains lanolin.

Can be used in prams, carrycots, cradles, cots and whereveryour baby needs something soft and cosy to lie on. The lambskin provides warmth in winter.

Do not wash your labmbskin before using it for the first time, it is ready to use straight away. The Lambskin should only be washed if absolutely necessary. Instead, wipe with a damp cloth and finish by brushing the wool with a stiff brush.

If the whole lambskin should need washing after all, use wool shampoo. This will prevent it from losing its natural lanolin content. Use the babydan wool shampoo.

Stretch the lambskin while wet and brush frequently during drying to prevent the wool from curling. Allow the lambskin to dry naturally (not in direct sunlight). Do not use ordinary detergents.

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